Head MRI

An axial, sagittal and coronal view is available in head MRI images. Every image has two imaging procedures; T1-weighted (second row), T2-weighted image (top row). You can hybrid an MRI image with an illustration of macro brain regions or blood supplies for your better understanding by clicking a button located below the main image window. (The blood supply illustrations are available only in axial and coronal view.)

  • Number of slices: 22 slices in axial, 10 slices in sagittal and 26 slices in coronal view.
  • Number of anatomical terms: 136 terms in axial, 127 terms in sagittal and 126 terms in coronal view.

Chest CT

In chest CT, lung and mediastinal field images are available. There are explanatory illustrations of pulmonary segment, pulmonary blood vessel and bronchus that you can hybrid with the main image. These illustrations can be displayed simultaneously.

  • Number of slices: 31 slices in both the lung and mediastinal field.
  • Number of anatomical terms: 15 terms in the lung and 65 terms in the mediastinal field.

Abdomen and pelvis CT

In this field, abdomen, male pelvis and female pelvis images are available. For explanatory illustration, hepatic segment and hepatic blood vessel can be displayed with a main image.

  • Number of slices: 46 slices in abdomen, 51 slices in male pelvis and 21 slices in female pelvis.
  • Number of terms: 49 terms in abdomen, 69 terms in male pelvis and 53 terms in female pelvis.